Uyku Hap 

What Is Uyku Hap?

An arm pillow that is meant for students to nap comfortably at school.


Uyku Hap, sleeping pill, was done for my soft goods university class. It is targeted for students burning the midnight oil to ensure comfortable naps to feel refreshed later.

Topics Covered

The Problem | The Solution | The Research | Design Details | Final Product | Looking Back


My Roles
Industrial Designer

Tools Used
Pen & Paper, Tablet, Photoshop, Sewing Machine, Fabrics

Sketches, Physical Model, Ideation, User Interviews, Mockups

Portable Student Goods

Time Period
1 Month

The Problem

How might we reduce neck pain from fatigued college students taking naps to wake up rejuvenated. 
Many university students spend their days studying late at school, where they take naps in uncomfortable positions.
Statistics Of The Problem
  • A NASA study found that a 40 minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.
  • 1 in 5 students fall asleep while doing homework.
  • 87% of students are sleep deprived

The Solution

An arm pillow that raises the user's head to nap comfortably.
Most observed students at the library, boost revenue by encourage customers to buy more poke.

The Research

This research consists of information regarding participants, market research, and design exploration.

Contextual Observations

I visited the library and witnessed students napping either:

  • on their backpack or jacket while laying down on the floor.

  • in the cross arm position with their head on their arms or a jacket.


Recruited diverse university students from multiple majors with heavy course work that they frequently pull late nights at school. 

Interview Style

1 on 1 interviews in-person

Observed verbal and physical behaviors.

Persona - Nash Hyde

A 21 year-old college student studying literature spends his entire day at the school library. Typically using everyday items as pillows.

"I have no money."
"Enough to make me feel rested."
About Him
  • Junior year student

  • Skinny build

  • Studies ALOT

  • Loves coffee, naps, and reading

Pain Points
  • He is always focused on his studies that he fights through his neck pain.

  • His backpack is full of school material that there is no room for personal items.

  • Tries to take 1 hour naps, but it results in waking up with neck pain and fatigue.


Market Research

Overall, in the market...
  • The majority of the products are meant for travel purposes.

  • None of the products are tailored to students.


Design Details

Details that matter.

Combination Of Materials

Each material were carefully chosen to ensure the best overall experience for students.


Cotton Material

Cotton is highly breathable, preventing sweat and ensuring prolonged coolness.


Final Product

These contents demonstrate the final product and it's features.

Recieved Feedback

What are the participants thoughts?
"So small, yet so comfy."

Participant M

Overall Score

"Perfect size for my backpack."

Participant S

Adjectives Used

Cute | So Soft | Fun | Comfy

Looking Back

Looking back is the roadmap for the next steps.

What I Did Well

Crafted a unique product.

Craftmanship quality.

Designed according to the students immediate environment. 

What I Can Do Later

Introduce different patterns to the pillow.

Research a more silent material than velcro.

Research scents that are known to promote sleep.

Recieve long term feedback on the product from students. 

What I Would Do  Differently

Conduct research on colors that promote sleep.

Try testing lavendar oil on the fabric to see if participants would like it.

Test the durability of the product with a laundry machine wash cycle. 

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